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A proper above ground installation starts with a good base and a better crew!  Our experienced installers provide attention to detail and dedication to every pool installation.  Most above ground pool installs take ONLY 2-3 days!


The Base

This is the most important part of your above ground pool.  We build ALL of our bases with gravel, crusher dust, and optional washed sand top to protect the liner!

Standing the wall & Floor Prep

The point of no return!  Once we stand the wall, we work thoroughly to prep the floor to accept the pool liner.  This step includes levelling and raking the (optional) sand, adding a Rhino Pad, and installing the foam pool coving.

The Finished Product

There's something satisfying about a job well done!  The final step is to add water from one of our trusted water supply companies.  The pool is filled.  The equipment is installed, and the plumbing connected.  Your new pool is ready!

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