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A proper fiberglass pool installation will have you enjoying your pool for years to come!  Our experienced installers provide attention to detail and dedication to every pool installation.  Most fiberglass pool installs can take as little as 4-7 days!

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Exacavation/Base/Pool Set

This is the most important step for your fiberglass pool. The excavation process is precise and efficient. We set our excavation depths to allow your pool to sit flush at the desired finished grade. We build ALL of our bases with washed, compacted gravel. We then set the pool using either a large excavator or a crane. Once it is level, we're ready for water and backfill!

Backfill/Plumbing/Equipment Setup

Your pool is set and now it's time to start on the finishing steps. First we backfill and add water simultaneously until we reach the pool jets. Next we plumb the entire system and setup your equipment.  Once the plumbing is set, we top up the water and test your equipment system.  The backfill is then completed and you are now ready for the landscapers to take over your project.  We are now done with our portion of the installation!

The Finished Product

There's something satisfying about a job well done!  The final step is to call your landscaper to take over and add the finished touches. The concrete collar, coping stone is completed and now it's time to finish with decking.  This can be done with pavers, wood or composite, brushed concrete, turf, sod, or stamped concrete!  The equipment and the plumbing is connected and your system is fired up.

  Your new pool is ready!

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